Satellite broadband could play a bigger role in expanding UK connectivity header image

EU budget cuts could lead to satellite broadband playing an increased role in bringing high-speed internet to rural areas of the UK, according to Point Topic.

The telecoms analyst claims the EU's decision to slash its budget for broadband improvements makes it likely that lower cost internet access solutions like satellite, Wi-Fi and mobile will become more important.

Oliver Johnson, chief executive of Point Topic, commented: "Top of the list for policymakers is coverage and availability for as much of the population as they can manage." He also said people need online access that is both affordable and usable.

Mr Johnson claimed that internet access in Europe is likely to become a "hybrid", as different areas will require different solutions.

Satellite broadband is particularly effective at bringing high-speed internet to rural and remote locations.

It does not require any form of infrastructure investment and can provide super-fast connections simply by installing a satellite dish and modem.

Posted by Mark Wynn