Broadband to 'transform farming in UK'  header image

The ongoing rollout of superfast broadband to rural areas could have a transformative effect on rural businesses across the UK, according to communications minister Ed Vaizey.

Speaking to the Farmers Guardian, the politician suggested that the £530 million scheme will ensure farmers will be put on an equal footing with companies in more urban parts of the country.

Satellite broadband and other technologies could be necessary in ensuring isolated regions can access superfast internet speeds.

"Over the coming months, we will approve the procurement of more than 40 rural broadband programmes," added Mr Vaizey.

He concluded that this should make it easier for rural businesses such as farms to carry out any number of tasks, with online banking and the ability to book appointments cited as particularly useful.

House of Lords communications committee chairman Lord Inglewood recently suggested that helping people across Britain get online will help with economic expansion.

Posted by Mark Wynn