Kent council draws on broadband funding header image

Poor ADSL connections in Kent look set to be revamped as the area draws on £9 million of government funding to improve internet access across the county as part of its Broadband Delivery Project.

The scheme is to cost around £43 million in total and is on track to deliver superfast broadband to almost every home and business in Kent by 2015, with the rollout to begin in 2014.

A spokesman for Kent County Council told Kent News that it is not yet known which areas will benefit from the project first.

"It will not be possible to confirm the geological phasing for the rollout until after the procurement has been completed and initial survey work has been undertaken," he explained.

This means some areas could continue to struggle with slow speeds for the time being.

More than 85 per cent of Kent's population is classed as rural, making it especially important that broadband is delivered fairly across the county.

Posted by Justin McKenzie