Agriculture minister stresses broadband importance  header image

Michelle O'Neill, the minister for agriculture and rural development in Northern Ireland, has met with representatives from BT to stress the importance of broadband in improving the region's economy.

It is crucial to revamp poor ADSL connections in rural areas and replace them with superfast ones, she suggested.

Ms O'Neill said: "It is now an essential basic service that assists both householders in everyday life and helps rural businesses to grow, develop and prosper."

The isolated nature of many properties and companies in the Irish countryside can make it difficult to set up broadband infrastructure for the region, with many people complaining of slow or inconsistent connections.

EE recently launched 4G in the country, allowing Northern Irish residents to access superfast internet connections through their smartphones and tablets.

The £24 million investment is set to have a major impact on how people in Northern Ireland use the internet, according to the UK telecoms firm.

Posted by Mark Wynn