Government broadband target too low?  header image

The 2Mbps broadband speeds that the UK government had put forward as a minimum universal rate across the country could increase over the coming years, according to a leading figure within regulatory body Ofcom.

Group director for strategy Steve Unger suggested that the original figure was determined by a range of constraints and factors that may no longer exist, meaning it could swell to around 8 to 10 Mbps in the future.

He was speaking at a discussion held by the Policy Exchange thinktank, reports V3.

A spokesperson for the government said no concrete plans exist to increase the minimum speed reached by overhauling poor ADSL connections.

"The government hopes to improve speeds further in the context of the £300 million which has been earmarked to provide support for broadband," they added.

A report from Computer World UK recently revealed that the Broadband Delivery UK is spending less of its budget on delivery of the rural internet programme than it has done in the past.

Posted by Mark Wynn