Welsh government pledges £39 million to schools broadband  header image

Poor ADSL connections in Welsh schools are to be overhauled as part of a £39 million investment aimed at improving broadband in the country's education system, with high-speed internet access increasingly seen as crucial for children's learning experience.

The new Learning in Digital Wales Grant will ensure that learners are able to utilise robust, reliable web services, even in rural areas, according to the government.

Some £27 million will be given to local authorities to improve the internet connections of local schools, while a further investment will be offered to primary and special schools hoping to develop their infrastructure and ICT facilities.

Education minister Leighton Andrews said: "Schools across Wales have told us of the difficulties they have experienced in accessing online resources due to varying degrees of broadband connectivity."

He expressed his hope that "world-class resources for Welsh schools" will help pupils fulfill their potential.

Hywel Williams, an MP for Plaid Cymru, recently told the South Wales Evening Post the government should improve broadband in the country before moving more services online.

Posted by Mark Wynn