BT monopoly on cable 'must be challenged'  header image

Regulators need to ensure that BT does not have an effective monopoly over the provision of broadband services in the UK if the country is to replace its poor ADSL connections and compete with its global rivals, Dido Harding has claimed.

Ms Harding - the chief executive of the TalkTalk group - made the statement at a media and telecoms conference in London.

She noted that Britain had a highly competitive market for copper broadband but warned that this is not being replicated in the rush to roll out superfast fibre connections, reports the Telegraph.

"Factually, today, our superfast market is significantly less competitive than our copper market and that should be a real worry," the chief executive added.

She suggested that tighter regulation will be needed over the next five years if the UK is to maintain its position at the forefront of global telecoms.

BT has played a major role in the government's ongoing rural broadband rollout.

Posted by Mark Wynn