Cross-channel to become norm in 2013? header image

A report from Experian has suggested that online and offline channels are likely to become more closely linked over the course of 2013 as the rollout of stronger web infrastructure makes it easier for Britons to avoid poor ADSL connections and get on to the internet.

Digital Trends 2013, the research and analytics firm's annual discussion of the trends that will characterise online, also highlighted social as an important area over the coming 12 months.

While social media has often been pinpointed as a crucial zone for retailers and other online businesses, Experian believes that social sharing will allow brands to refocus on connecting with their customers in 2013.

"Thanks to digital channels we’ve moved from a one-way flow of information to a two-way conversation. Omnichannel marketing is the next step," said managing director of digital John Hall.

Ofcom recently indicated that the launch of superfast broadband will bring benefits of around £20 billion over the next decade.

Posted by Mark Wynn