Journalists 'using online to share stories' header image

The revamp of poor ADSL connections could see journalists use online more often as a way to connect with people and deal with the increasingly low circulation of city-based daily papers, it has been claimed.

Johnston Press chief executive Ashley Highfield told BBC Scotland that the company is planning to launch a series of "mini ultra-local TV stations" for some of the communities it serves in a bid to keep local journalism relevant in the modern climate.

He cited the growing use of smartphones among journalists as crucial to how news will be created and propagated over the coming years, reports Hold the Front Page.

"We are going to create a lot more video content, a massive amount more in the next couple of years, really local video content," Mr Highfield added.

This follows a report in the Telegraph suggesting that British students will be able to study at US universities using the internet in the near future through the edX scheme.

Posted by Justin McKenzie