Campaign for satellite broadband in Shetland header image

There is a growing campaign for satellite broadband to be introduced to the most remote areas of Shetland.

Speaking to the Shetland Times, member of Scottish parliament (MSP) Tavish Scott called for people in remote parts of the islands to have the same internet access as those in more urbanised areas.

The Scottish government announced a £120 million scheme to establish internet connectivity in remote areas of the country, such as Shetland, in June 2012.

However, Mr Scott believes that big businesses will only focus on the larger towns and settlements.

He said: "This money must be used to ensure no-one is marginalised in the digital revolution."

Mr Scott added that many people in particularly remote parts of Shetland can "only dream of sending photo attachments, let alone watching video clips, programmes and films".

The MSP stressed that reliable online services "cannot come soon enough" for many of Shetland's residents and businesses.

He is currently in talks with an unnamed satellite broadband provider about the possibility of introducing the service to the area.

Posted by Mark Wynn