Minister criticises JT over Jersey broadband header image

A Jersey minister has criticised local broadband provider JT over delays with the installation of high-speed broadband on the island.

JT is in the process of delivering the Gigabit Jersey initiative, which aims to bring super-fast broadband to 42,000 homes throughout the island by 2016. It also wants to connect 5,000 homes on Guernsey.

The company predicted that 3,505 homes would be signed up to the service in 2012, but at the end of the year only 1,737 had been connected.

It has been alleged that an issue with one of JT's subcontractors was responsible for the delay.

Senator Philip Ozouf, the treasury minster for Jersey, said: "Clearly there has been an issue with the subcontractor and that is commanding the attention of the board."

He added: "The project must be delivered, it must be delivered within the budget and I want an acceleration of connections and I am pressing JT to achieve that."

Posted by Craig Roberts