VoIP can save businesses money claims new report header image

A recent report has highlighted the ways voice over IP (VoIP) technology can potentially save businesses money.

MyVoIPProvider.com, which carried out the research, claims that an increasing number of companies are choosing to use VoIP rather than traditional phone services.

The report states that one of the main advantages of VoIP providers, such as Skype, is increased mobility.

Many providers offer a call forwarding service, which allows users to have calls automatically forwarded to several different numbers if they are out of the office. VoIP services are also accessible from smartphones. 

This allows businesses to liaise with colleagues and clients much more effectively, the report claims.

Flexibility is described as another key benefit, with numerous providers allowing unlimited nationwide calling and free calls between VoIP networks.

The report also states that international calls are often cheaper with VoIP, allowing businesses to create international relationships and improve their structure.

Posted by Mark Wynn