London Underground Wi-Fi no longer free for all header image

Wi-Fi on the London Underground is no longer free for all passengers.

The service, which was previously provided exclusively by Virgin Media, will now be shared with Everything Everywhere (including Orange and T-Mobile) and Vodafone.

Passengers on these networks will still be able to go online free of charge. However, customers with the likes of O2 and 3 will now have to pay. 

Those people who are not with the networks providing the service will need to purchase a pass from Virgin in order to connect to the internet.

The company will charge £2 for a daily pass, £5 for a week and £15 for a month's access to the network.

Virgin recently added a further 11 underground stations to its Wi-Fi coverage, taking the total number of stations to 103.

Wi-Fi was originally introduced to the London Underground in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Virgin reports that 800,000 people had registered to use the network by the end of 2012.

Posted by Craig Roberts