Mobile devices 'shaping consumer decisions' header image

A report from Tradedoubler has indicated that satellite broadband and 4G services are playing an increasingly important role in consumer decisions, with mobile devices helping shape the decisions made by busy consumers.

M-commerce has been recognised as a growth area in recent years as smartphones and tablets become prevalent across the UK.

According to Tradedoubler, it is iPhone owners that are most likely to engage with online shopping networks, with 80 per cent accessing the mobile web daily and 46 per cent researching products online at least once a week.

Dan Cohen, market unit leader at the firm, said: "Understanding how different mobile devices and operating systems influence and drive consumer behaviour - from the initial research through to the point of purchase - is vital."

KPMG head of retail David McCorquodale recently indicated that this December is likely to see a major boost in ecommerce levels across the UK.

Posted by Mark Wynn