Cities chosen for broadband rollout  header image

The 12 smaller cities that will share the latest £50 million funding pot for superfast broadband investment have been named as the government bids to improve the UK's broadband infrastructure.

Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salford, and York in England, Aberdeen and Perth in Scotland, Newport in Wales and Derry in Northern Ireland will all be given a part of the cash.

This follows a £100 million investment in larger cities such as Manchester last year, with the coalition hoping to compete with its European rivals over the coming years.

"Fast broadband is essential for growth and the creation of jobs. We have made significant progress with our broadband programme over the last few months," said culture secretary Maria Miller.

For those businesses outside of the area affected by this move, Tooway 8 broadband - which is ideal for isolated or rural sites - could offer a solution, ensuring they are not left behind by their counterparts based in urban locations.

Posted by Craig Roberts