Businesses 'should consider VoIP technology' header image

Resource Nation has claimed that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone technology can have real benefits for businesses that adopt it over the coming years, noting that development of the system is continuing apace.

The site identified five potential advantages of VoIP over traditional telecommunications, suggesting that it will often still work after a power outage and that companies that replace their poor ADSL connections with quicker ones can enjoy good-quality calls.

"In most cases, the initial cost of a VoIP system is soon offset by monthly savings and the convenience of having a flexible phone system," the knowledge provider added.

Furthermore, VoIP offers firms more agility and portability with regard to how they use their phone service.

Technology expert Preetam Kaushik recently claimed in a Huffington Post blog that the new service could become "the future of calling" over the coming years because of its cross-platform connectivity and ability to cut costs.

Posted by Mark Wynn