VoIP can increase productivity header image

While it is true that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony can help cut outgoing for businesses, this should not be the main reason for implementing it, an expert has claimed.

Riaan Pieterson, the head of TeleMasters' enterprise division, suggested that making small budget savings is not a sufficiently exciting prospect to convince executives of VoIP's benefits.

However, he pointed out that it can also increase productivity and earn a company a reputation for using innovative, hi-tech solutions.

"Rather than looking at VoIP in terms of how it improves the plumbing, look at staff habits, work practices and real-life interaction," said Mr Pieterson.

Integrating VoIP procedures with smartphones and office technology can have a serious impact on how companies carry out their daily work, concluded the TeleMasters chief.

Resource Nation also indicated recently that companies with satellite broadband and other internet connections can see benefits from implementing VoIP across their business.

Posted by Justin McKenzie