Concern over broadband speeds in North Yorkshire  header image

It is important that poor ADSL connections on North Yorkshire are improved if the area is to contribute to the UK's economic growth, it has been claimed.

North Yorkshire County Council's director of finance and IT John Moore told the Ripon Gazette that some rural areas could be disappointed with the speeds they are offered as part of the superfast rollout.

While 90 per cent of properties and businesses will get speeds of 25 Mbps, some could be suffering from connections as slow as 2 Mbps, he added.

Grewelthorpe parish councillor Eric Clark said that good broadband speed is crucial to the future of the village.

"If rural areas are expected to survive and thrive, be able to run businesses and build and develop industry then we need fast enough internet," he declared.

Bradford grandmother-of-eight Sarasvati Patel recently told the Telegraph & Argus that broadband has helped improve her quality of life immensely.

Posted by Mark Wynn