VoIP users to reach one billion by 2017 header image

An increasing number of British and global businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of mobile voice over internet protocol (VoIP) as satellite broadband and other technologies improve the UK's internet infrastructure.

According to the report from Juniper Research there will be over one billion users of mobile VoIP services by 2017.

Improvements in network technology, increased competition and the decision for major telecom companies to get involved with VoIP will all drive the increase in uptake, the organisation claimed.

Anthony Cox, the author of the report, said that only a very small proportion of businesses are likely to pay for desktop VoIP technology given the availability of programmes such as Skype.

However, specialist mobile services are introducing new ways to monetise their services.

Riaan Pieterson, the head of TeleMasters' enterprise division, recently indicated that introducing strong VoIP services across a business can help improve productivity among members of staff and executives.

Posted by Mark Wynn