Internet of Things 'to make drastic changes'  header image

The increasing movement towards a so-called Internet of Things is likely to change how UK and international businesses across all sectors interact with consumers, it has been claimed.

John Humphreys, Egenera's marketing vice-president, told Forbes that levels of connectivity are increasing on a global basis.

There are currently roughly two internet-connected devices for every person on the planet, with this number expected to rise to six by 2025 as broadband access improves and more complex technologies are launched.

"Over the next decade, most of the connected device growth will come from very small sensors that are primarily doing machine-to-machine communications," Mr Humphreys added.

This is likely to lead to new opportunities in the medical and scientific communities, making it easier for them to engage with the public.

On the other hand, those with poor ADSL connections could become more isolated.

Age UK warned recently that elderly people without internet skills can find it difficult to engage with the world.

Posted by Justin McKenzie