How to find the perfect Valentine’s Gift online header image

There’s no better place to shop for the ideal Valentine’s present for your loved one than from the comfort of your own home on your computer. Everything from choosing the gift to making your purchase can be easier when done online. 

Take advantage of our guide to make sure you don’t miss any tricks in making this Valentine’s Day extra special for your other half.

Be unique, not generic

The sheer amount of choice you face when browsing what is essentially the biggest shopping catalogue in the world may leave you with palpitations, but don’t be overwhelmed.

Harness the internet’s power to rid Valentine’s Day of its tired clichés, by choosing a present stamped with personality. You no longer need to compromise on a gift which feels vaguely right, or is fairly similar. If you’ve thought of it, somebody out there is probably selling it. 

Does your soul mate have a niche interest in dancing with cats? Then a book on this very subject  will answer their prayers. Does the man or woman of your dreams need 1,000 green lacewing eggs? Why not buy them 1,000 green lacewing eggs?

Book your holiday online

Whisking your partner away to a romantic getaway in Paris or a cosy weekend in the Lake District? Flights, train tickets and hotels can all be booked online, with sites like offering special deals and lots of ideas ahead of Valentine’s weekend. 

And new site turns hotel-booking on its head, by inviting hotels to bid with the best deal for users who post their requirements on the site. 

Research your destination too - you can plan out routes and travelling times ahead of the day using Google Maps, while sites like offers millions of hotel and restaurant reviews, so you don’t need to leave any aspect of your enjoyment to chance.

Use price comparison sites

One of the great benefits of e-shopping is the ease of comparing many vendors, so that you can often end up buying the same item at a much lower price than on the website where you first spotted it. With online stores all competing to offer Valentine’s Day deals, there are many tools which can help you to compare websites, saving you even more time and money. is one of these and there is even a website to compare comparison websites called

Take advantage of next-day delivery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you have your laboriously thought-out present wrapped up and waiting, having planned and bought it a month ago. In which case, congratulations, but for the rest of us mortals, now is the time to start shopping. Don’t worry, though, most online stores offer next-day delivery, so you can be sure of getting the present sorted in time for the February 14th.