London business broadband 'so slow that firm sends messages via bicycle' header image

Although individuals might be forgiven for thinking that email is surely a quicker form of communication for London's top technological firms in the year 2015 than sending a message via bicycle courier, a new report reveals that this is not necessarily the case.

The London Evening Standard reports that digital content provider Proudfoot has had to resort to sending its video footage from its St John Street base to Covent Garden via a 15-minute bike ride, as its current internet connection is too slow for it to be sent by email.

On one particularly bad occasion, it took the company nine hours to send a film less than three minutes long to its major client Ford.

This is despite network provider BT pledging to deliver high-speed internet connections to firms based in the capital's so-called Tech City, but this is just the latest in a line of disappointments for the telecoms company's supposed nationwide rollout.

Chairman of the business Michael Proudfoot stated: "It's infuriating. It's hampering our business and making us think about moving."

Yesterday (Wednesday February 4th) local Labour MP Emily Thornberry was set to raise the issue with parliament, saying: "Speaking to Mr Proudfoot, it was clear that his business has evolved over the last ten years, but his connectivity had not improved in line with the work."

As BT has not yet got round to providing these businesses with a super-fast internet connection and has reportedly told them to invest in costly dedicated leased lines to access the web instead, according to Ms Thornberry. Therefore, an alternative solution could be satellite broadband.

This technology does not rely on the installation of underground wires and instead connects a home or a business to the internet via a satellite connection in space.

Opting for this would mean Tech City firms would no longer need to wait for government rollouts or major telecoms companies to tick them off their list, as they could have a faster internet connection of up to 20Mbps as soon as the Avonline team can fit them in.

Posted by Mark Wynn