Internet access widespread in EU header image

A growing number of businesses and homes within the EU have access to the internet, according to the latest report from the European organisation.

It revealed that more than three quarters of properties within the 27 EU member states can utilise broadband connections, compared to a third in 2006.

The data was compiled by the organisation's statistical arm, Eurostat. In addition to finding that overall broadband penetration is on the up, it revealed that disparities between various EU countries continue to be an issue.

Access levels of more than 90 per cent were recorded in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden, but a share of just over 50 per cent was found in Greece and Bulgaria.

With satellite broadband and other new technologies now available for isolated parts of the world, it is increasingly important as many areas as possible are given access to superfast connections.

The UK government recently pledged to give the country Europe's best broadband infrastructure by 2015.

Posted by Craig Roberts