VoIP 'can give businesses an edge'  header image

Companies with satellite broadband can see a number of benefits across different parts of their business when using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology, according to an expert.

Dave Burton of Business VoIP explained that firms hoping to expand their global reach will be able to do this for far less if they use the technology rather than traditional telephony.

He added that homeworking is also made easier by installing VoIP as standard across a company.

"Portability is a major advantage of this service as there are times when only one person in the company can handle an issue. With VoIP service, he or she will be available anytime," added Mr Burton.

Telephones are crucial to many businesses, meaning this is an area where they cannot afford to cut costs or skimp on the best technology, concluded the expert.

Writing in Business2Community, technology expert Chloe Mulliner recently suggested that flexibility is the major benefit accrued by using VoIP.

Posted by Mark Wynn